About Us:

Oasisnow is intended to be your best hotspot for everything identified with entertainment media. We have the biggest library of streaming and download media in North America, so you won’t run out of things to enjoy.

As a part of your membership, you can likewise check out all of the following things as well:

  • A huge number of games that you can download or stream from your PC or other device.
  • MP3's of the best in classic and current music, all authorized so you can stream or download to your devices or PC.
  • Check out all of the best eBooks, in both fiction and non-fiction –we give you access to all of it!

Primary No: +1-877-292-2574 (toll-free)
Secondary No: +1-646-851-2214

To reach our customer service center by phone or by email, please call (toll-free) +1-877-292-2574 or +1-646-851-2214, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or send us a message

Oasisnow is the location for numerous movies, games, music and e-books, that you can access anytime you desire with your Oasisnow membership to our multimedia website. All Oasisnow content offered is licensed for distribution and use and is legal. Read more about these aspects of the site on our Terms & Conditions

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